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F.A.Q. Naturism | Nudism Cuba

Q. Does EVERY hotel in Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria have a nude beach?
A. No. In Cayo Largo: Hotels Villa Iguana, Sol Cayo Largo, Hotel Pelicano and Iberostar Playa Blanca. In Cayo Santa Maria: Hotels Sol Cayo Santa Maria and Melia Buenavista.

Q. Is the entire beach of the hotel naturist?
A. No, only a designated area at the end of the beach is clothing optional EXCEPT for the Villa Iguana in Cayo Largo.

Q. Are there other naturist beaches in Cuba besides Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria?
A. Currently no. The status of naturism in Cayo Ensenachos (a tiny island next to Cayo Santa Maria) has become unclear since the new Iberostar administration.

Q. Is there a place where one can be nude on the hotel's ground, and walk nude from the room to the beach?
A. No, naturism is limited to the beach only. Before it was possible to walk nude from your room to the beach at hotels Villa Capricho and Villa Lindamar in Cayo Largo, but it's no longer possible. Villa Capricho has been destroyed by hurricane Michelle in 2001 and Villa Lindamar is now an Italian exclusive club where naturism is no longer tolerated.

Q. Can I wear my bathing suit on the nude beach?
A. Yes. They are "Clothing Optional" beaches; It's common also to see mixed couples (1 textile + 1 naturist). However, as a courtesy, it's best not to use the palapas and loungers in the naturist area if you are not naturists.

Q. Do I have to be naked to cross the nudist area?
A. No. The non-naturists who want to walk along the naturist beach are not required to undress. It's normal to be intrigued by the presence of a nude beach, the curious (perhaps future followers!) are welcome, but voyeurs are not, and those taking pictures even less! Please be respectful.

Q. Are there lifestyle (swinger) hotels in these destinations?
A. No. And it's important not to confuse or associate naturism with swinger, voyeurism or exhibitionism. Solicitation is not welcome on these beaches.

Q. If I want to book the naturist catamaran tour. What should I do?
A. A minimum of people is required to book this excursion. You can either ask your tour operator representative so he/she will try to find other naturists interested; or you can write a message in our discussion forum about Cayo Largo before your trip; or you can politely approach other naturists on the beach to see if they would be interested to participate. The nude catamaran cruise is very popular in Cayo Largo (8 to 10 people catamaran).

Q. Can I walk naked from the nude area to the beach bar?
A. No. You have to get dressed when leaving the naturist area. May be one day a bar will be built for naturist!

Q. Can I take nude walks, and swim in the nude?
A. Yes, but only in the designated naturist areas, and some of the virgin beaches.

Q. In Cayo largo, can I walk naked from the hotel zone down to the western beaches?
A. Yes, from hotel Sol Cayo Largo you can walk nude on over 4 km of virgin beaches, but bring something to cover-up when passing just in front of the Playa Paraiso bar and for almost the entire length of Playa Sirena where there are bars, restaurant, watersports, etc.

Q. Can I take pictures?
A. Only of yourself or your friends, be respectful of other people (check who's in the background!). People who indulge in naturism on the beaches of Cuba certainly don't want to see pictures of them on websites or social medias without their knowledge and permission.

Q. Is there natural shade (trees) or palapas in naturist areas?
A. There is no natural shade. There are palapas but in short supply. During the high season it's wise to bring a sun umbrella. However there's usually a sufficient amount of loungers.

Q. What is the best place in Cuba for a first naturist experience ? The best resort?
R. Cayo Largo for its miles of virgin beaches. The remote, secure and natural environment of this island provides a unique sense of freedom which is very appreciated by all naturists: couples, families, singles and also newbies. The proximity to several miles of virgin beaches is ideal for those seeking a more private place for a first experience! The Sol Cayo Largo is considered to be the best hotel in this destination.

Q. Are there textiles (non-naturists) in the naturist zone?
A. Sometimes yes, these beaches are "Clothing Optional". Naturist areas are frequented predominantly by naturists, but also by topless women, mixed couples (1 naturist and 1 textile), and by a few people wearing swimsuits.

Q. Is there non-smoking areas in naturist sections?
A. Unfortunately No. Hope to see the day!

Q. Is there a bar service in naturist areas?
A. Sometimes yes, it depends on the bartenders. It's not easy for them to walk in the sand all the way to the naturist area.

Q. Is there a guard or surveillance camera on the naturist beaches?
A. No.

Q. Is there an adult-only resort with a Clothing Optional beach in Cuba ?
A. Yes, the Melia Buenavista in Cayo Santa Maria, but their naturist section is limited to 2-3 palapas at the eastern end of their beach, and it appears to be little frequented and the Villa Iguana at Cayo Largo. The perfect place for naturism in Cayo Largo.

If you wish to contribute to this FAQ, please contact us by email. It would be our pleasure to add your suggestions to this list in order to better address the questions and issues of naturists and future naturists.

icon PassportNote that since the spring 2014, Cuban Immigration systematically stamps all passports when entering and leaving the country. And also: Since May 1, 2015, the Cuban Departure Tax is no longer paid at destination. It should now be included in the price of your trip when buying a flight-only or vacation package to Cuba.

icon Convertible PesoIn October 2013, the Cuban government announced its intention to eliminate the dual currency. The Cuban Peso (CUP) would become the official currency and the convertible peso (CUC) would be phased out. No official timetable has been announced. More info to come.

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