Clothing Optional beaches in Cayo Largo

Nudism in Cayo Largo, CubaCayo Largo is a small key located at the southeastern end of the Canarreos archipelago (which belongs to Cuba). The islet is approximately 80 km south of the main island of Cuba. This small limestone island is 28 km long and no more than 3 km wide. Find white sand beaches stretch out along the south coastline for more than 20 kms. The north coast is mostly mangroves and salt pans.

Cayo Largo has no permanent inhabitants (except for birds and iguanas of course! Cubans come to Cayo Largo only to work in the hotels. They work for 20 continuous days and then go back to their families at Isla de la Juventud (Island of Youth), or other cities on the main Island of Cuba, for the rest of the month. Although we have been visiting Cayo Largo only since 1999, we learned naturism on the beaches of Cayo Largo is a reality of this destination since the beginning of the tourist rise of this small islet in the early 80's.

It exists in Cayo Largo a very peaceful cohabitation between the naturists and non-naturists. Although there is no beach in the hotel zone which is « officially » designated as nude beach, the naturist areas were always created spontaneously by the tourists at the extremity of the beach of certain hotels. In addition to the beaches close to the hotels, there are also in Cayo Largo several kilometers of virgin beaches for those who prefer naturism in private. These endless beaches also make the joy of those who wish to take long walks.

Cayo Largo has been voted the most beautiful naturist beach in the UK Bare Beaches guidebook (June 2004 edition). Cayo Largo has also been awarded no.4 out of 100 preferred destinations and no.2 in the Caribbeans by tourists in 2008, according to tripadvisor.

Click to see a beautiful aerial view of the nude beach of the Sol Pelicano and the Sol Cayo Largo.

Naturists area in Cayo Largo ...
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Sol Cayo Largo - West sector

Sol Pelicano - East sector

Hôtel Olé Playa Blanca - East sector

Here is a general description of the clothing optional beaches in Cayo Largo ...

  • Form Playa Tortuga to the naturist beach of the hotel Olé Playa Blanca (14 km)
  • From the western end of Olé Playa Blanca to the Hotel Isla del Sur (1.2 km)
  • From the naturist beach of Sol Cayo Largo to the east end of Playa Paraiso (4.0 km)
  • From the west End of Playa Paraiso to Playa Sirena (0.8 km)
  • Total kilometers of nude beaches in Cayo Largo = 20 km !

    Cayo Largo is the perfect place for a first naturist experience. The wildness and natural aspect of this island and the extent of its beaches provide a sense of freedom. Unfortunately the number of beach chairs and palapas are limited in all the nude areas of Cayo Largo. If you are not naturists, please do not use services of these sections.

    Italian customers of these hotels have forced the authorities to post signs which delimit the naturist area of Sol Cayo Largo and Sol Pelicano hotels. PLEASE do not walk nude outside the areas mentioned above. Several times we heard about people not respecting this simple rule. Unfortunately these people are hurting naturism and force authorities to respond to their complaints.

    There are no more nude beaches at Villa Soledad and Villa Coral, because these two hotels were taken over by the Italian group Alpitour. Canadian customers will only have access to the hotels Sol Cayo Largo, Sol Pelicano and Playa Blanca ... but for how long? It is sad to see the Italian taking over our little island!

    There are two ongoing projects in Cayo Largo in the area between the hotels Olé Playa Blanca and Isla del Sur. These charming little villas are made entirely of wood (4-bedrooms for the Villa Iguana-Capricho and single room Villas Playa Blanca). These bungalows have access to the beach of the former Villa Capricho. What will be the status of naturism in this area of Cayo Largo? Visit the dedicated section of our website to follow the development of these two important projects in Cayo Largo.

    If you wish to venture on the deserted beaches of the east or from the Sol Cayo Largo down to Playa Paraiso, it is important to bring with you a good supply of water, sunscreen, hat and even a sarong to cover you up, because under a blazing sun, the risk of burns is very high especially in areas that are not accustomed to being exposed to the sun. Be careful!

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