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Cayo Largo is the Mecca of naturism in Cuba!

Nude beaches Cayo LargoCayo Largo is a small Caribbean island located at the west end of the Canarreos archipelago, about 80 km south of the main island. This small limestone island of 28 km long by 3 km wide is home to white sandy beaches stretching for almost 20 km along the southern coast of the island, while the north side is mainly made up of mangroves and marshes.

Cayo Largo has no permanent residents, other than birds and iguanas course! Cubans come to work in the hotel for 20 days in a row and then return to their families on the island of Cuba or Isla de la Juventud for 10 days. We have visited Cayo Largo since 1999, we know that naturism in Cayo Largo beaches is a has been known since the early 80s, the first years of the development of tourism in this destination.

Currently there are no naturists resorts in Cayo Largo. Nudism is limited to the beach!

There is a peaceful coexistence between naturists and textiles. Areas permitted for nudism have always been created spontaneously and naturally the ends of beaches of the international hotels. There are also in Cayo Largo several kilometers of virgin beaches for those preferring naturism in private. These long beaches are also appreciated for people who wish to take long walks in the nude in a virgin environment.

Attention iconIf you wish to venture on the virgin beaches of Cayo Largo, it is important to bring along a good supply of water, sunscreen, sandals or water shoes, hat or cap and even a sarong to cover you, because under a blazing sun, the risk of burn is great especially on areas that are not used to being exposed to the sun! Be careful for your vacation does not turn into a nightmare!

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Nude beach Sol Cayo Largo | Cayo Largo Cuba
Sol Cayo Largo - West sector
Watch a nice aerial image ( 2014)
Nude beach Sol Pelicano | Cayo Largo Cuba
Sol Pelicano - East sector
Watch a nice aerial image ( 2014)
Nuide beach hotel Olé Playa Blanca | Cayo Largo Cuba
Hotel Olé Playa Blanca - East area

Classification of hotels according naturism experience ...

No1 icon Sol Cayo Largo
The naturist section is located west of the hotel, allowing nude walk from the hotel down to Playa Paraiso, over 4 km of pristine and virgin beach. There is a sign indicates the beginning of the section. It is not recommended to circulate naked in front of the hotel. You must get dressed to go to the beach bar. Sol Cayo Largo is considered the best hotel in the destination. There is a project to upgrade from Sol to Melia.

No2 icon Sol Pelicano
The naturist section is located in the east area of the hotel that limits the nude beach to roughly 250 meters from the last footbridge to the neighboring Hotel Villa Lindamar. The beach is very stable in front of the Sol Pelicano because is located in a small bay. You must get dressed to go to the bar (beach ranchon) of the Sol Pelicano. There is a sign that delimits the naturist area of Sol Pelicano. This hotel is considered as the most popular in this destination. Cheaper than the Sol Cayo Largo.

No3 icon Olé Playa Blanca
At the hotel Olé Playa Blanca, it's very different! The beach in front of the hotel is unstable, there is no fixed nude beach area. There are two options for naturists ...

1. When the beach is fine in front of the hotel, the section is located at the eastern end of the beach. From the last footbridge to the east. In this option, naturists have access to miles of pristine virgin beaches on the east (Playa Blanca, Los Cocos and Tortuga), but it is highly recommended to bring sandals or water shoes because sometimes you must climb rocks to reach eastern beaches.

2. When there is no beach in front of the hotel, all guests of the Olé Playa Blanca use the west sector of the hotel. Naturists and textiles mix on the beach, a scenario that sometimes may bring tensions. Naturists like to gather at the west end or in the area of the former hotel Villa Capricho. With the possible opening of the new « Villa » sector, there will surely be more tensions to come.

Like all hotels in Cayo Largo, you have to get dressed to go to the beach bar. The authorities temporarily install a beach bar in the west area, where the hotel's beach is gone. There is no sign indicating the nude beach at this hotel.


Cayo Largo is the perfect place for a first naturist experience. The natural and pristine environment of the island provides a sense of freedom really appreciated by naturists. Unfortunately, beach chairs and palapas are limited. If you are not naturist (textile), please do not use the services of the nude beach. During the high season, it is best to bring an umbrella, just in case there would not be enough palapas for everyone.

There are no more nude beaches at the Villa Soledad and Villa Coral, because these two hotels are now administered by Italian group Alpitour. At this moment ,there are only four hotels to the international customers, the Sol Cayo Largo, Sol Pelicano, Olé Playa Blanca and Olé Villa Marinera (this one is located at the village, so there is no nude beach) ... but for how long? It is sad to see the Italian taking over our little island.

Read this section about the etiquette of naturism in Cuba. What you should know.

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