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Nude beach in Cayo Santa Maria

Nude beaches Cuba Cayo Santa Maria is a small island of twenty-six square kilometers, located north of the main island of Cuba, in the « Jardines del Rey » (King's Gardens), or commonly known as « Cayos de Villa Clara ». This region of Cuba is part of the Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. To get there, we take a causeway in the sea « pedraplen » of forty-eight kilometers long. The beaches of Cayo Santa Maria are located along the northern coast of the island, while the south is mainly made up of mangroves and marshes.

The main beach of Cayo Santa Maria is made of fine white sand, perfect for walkers and for those wishing to bask in the sun. Most rooms of Cayo Santa Maria are located in the central sector, the main beach called « Playa Santa Maria », the longest on the island (about six miles). The only virgin beach in Cayo Santa Maria (at least for now) is located west of the island, between the hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria (4-star) and Melia Buenavista (5-star).

The history of naturism in Cayo Santa Maria is closely related to Cayo Largo. In November 2001, a very strong hurricane (Michelle) hit Cayo Largo and forced the destination to close for several months. Most people have decided to try a new destination in Cuba ... Cayo Santa Maria. Naturists saw the opportunity to create an alternative destination to Cayo Largo! After discussion with the hotel management, a nude beach area was designated at the western sector of the hotel, from the last footbridge towards the west where is now located the Melia Buenavista.

Currently there are no nudist hotels in Cayo Santa Maria. Nudism is limited to the beach!

Nude beach area in Cayo Santa Maria (Cuba)

The nude beach area of Cayo Santa Maria is about 1.5 km out of the 6 km from the main beach of Cayo Santa Maria. The second longest naturist beach in Cuba after Cayo Largo.

The nude beach of Cayo Santa Maria ...

Nude beach Sol Cayo Santa Maria

Nude beach Melia Buenavista

There are two options in Cayo Santa Maria ...

Sol Cayo Santa Maria : The first hotel of Cayo Santa Maria which opened its doors in December 2001. This is a 4-star of the Melia Hotels International. There are several palapas and shelters in the naturist area. Since 2014, there are two signs to inform customers of the naturist section. The first at the entrance of the footbridge (near the shower) and the other on the first palapa that delimits the beginning of the naturist beach.

Melia Buenavista : The newest hotel of the Melia Hotels International group, which opened in 2010. It is a luxury 5-star adult-only hotel secluded in the western sector of Cayo Santa Maria. Currently, they are only two shelters dedicated to the naturists. Since 2014, there is a sign to inform customers of the nude beach. From this area, you have access of 1.5 km of virgin beach down to the hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria.

If you wish to be more private (no service) on the beach, do not forget to bring an umbrella, because there is no natural shade in Cayo Santa Maria. Note that in these areas, we may find naturist, topless, people in swimsuit and sometimes mixed couples (naturist and textile). HOWEVER, since there are not many chairs and palapas, it is courteous to allow this area for naturists.

Attention iconIt is important to mention that no one is forced to be naked in this section. Those wishing to walk from the textile beach are not required to get naked! If you wish to enjoy the nude beach, please stay at the hotels mentionned above.

Map iconIf you stay at the other hotels in Cayo Santa Maria and wish to go to the Clothing Optional of the hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria, click HERE to see an aerial view of the main beach with a distance scale. HOWEVER, Please do not use the services of the hotel Sol nor Melia Buenavista.

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Please read this section about the etiquette of naturism in Cuba. What you should know.

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