Last update: December 2022

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Welcome to our website dedicated to naturism (nudism) in Cuba!

As a complement to our many general Travel Guides on Cuban tourist destinations, we have put together this guide where you’ll learn more specifically where to find some clothing optional beaches and naturist-friendly hotels in Cuba. They are mostly located in the two island resorts of Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria (including its neighbor Cayo Las Brujas).

For us naturists and people who want to experience it for the first time, it’s not always easy to find an affordable Caribbean destination to enjoy “Au Naturel” holidays. There are a few fully-naturist or clothing-optional hotels in places like Jamaica, French West Indies, Dominican Republic, Curacao, Mexico, etc. but you will have to stretch your budget considerably compared to most Cuban resorts. Also, many of these places may have a swingers and/or party-like atmosphere, which does not suit all naturists. If you’re looking for natural surroundings and a more laid back, peaceful and respectful atmosphere, know that the CO beaches in Cuba are very quiet, low-key and secluded. They will suit people who are simply seeking for a greater connection with nature through naturism.

No tan lineCuba has over 5,000 thousand kilometers of coastline and over 4,000 islands and cays surrounding the main island of the country, this means that there are A LOT of completely deserted virgin beaches where naturism is possible, but the purpose of our guide here is to list naturist options where one can find accommodations, facilities and services. For the time being, Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria are the two most naturist-friendly destinations in Cuba.

An interesting fact is that Cuban resorts with a clothing-optional beach generally have a much higher rate of repeat customers, mainly due to the limited number of places where naturism is practiced. It is not uncommon in naturist hotels to come across people who have stayed there for dozens of times.


It is important to realize that naturism in Cuba is possible and continues to exist thanks to a policy of tolerance shown by the Cuban authorities, but also thanks to the respectful behavior of tourists. This is why it’s so important to act responsibly in order to maintain a pacific cohabitation between naturists and non-naturists, and a good relation with the authorities. Please read the Naturist Etiquette.

Note that there’s no fully naturist hotel in Cuba, naturism is usually limited to the beach. The designated “Playas Nudistas” are mostly frequented by naturists and mixed couples (1 naturist + 1 textile), but also by a few people wearing bathing suits as they are “clothing optional”. Although coexistence between naturists and non-naturists is generally very peaceful and respectful, it is considered courteous to leave these areas to naturists given the very limited number of places where naturism is possible.

Also note that these hotels and CO beaches are not suitable for lifestylers (aka swingers), solicitation and any explicit sexual behavior is highly frowned upon.

We hope that after reading these pages, naturists would consider (or continue to visit) Cuba as their next “nakation” destination, but also that people curious about experiencing this unique feeling of freedom will realize that being nude in public is not as awkward as one might think. Nudity takes on a whole new meaning in such an enchanting and natural setting; besides the Clothing Optional beaches in Cuba are perfect for first-timers!

Lily & Normand