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Nude beaches in Cuba !

Welcome to our website devoted to naturism on the beautiful beaches of Cuba.

Lily & NormandThe purpose of this website is to inform you about the options available for you to enjoy an "Au Naturel" vacation under the sun of Cuba, even if they are somewhat limited (at least for now!). As we have several websites on various tourist destinations of this beautiful Caribbean country, it became more convenient for us to concentrate in a single site all the information about the Clothing Optional (C.O.) beaches in Cuba.

For us naturists it's always difficult to find an affordable C.O. Caribbean destination where we can also enjoy a peaceful, natural and respectful environment. Of course, there are the French West Indies, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico, but one must then increase the budget (compared to vacationing in Cuba), and in some of these resorts the more permissive atmosphere (swinging lifestyle) will not please everyone.

An interesting fact to note is that Cuban tourist poles with naturist beaches have a higher rate of repeat guests, which is mainly due to the presence of these beaches; loyal customers are a great asset to any hotel management. For example it’s not uncommon to meet Cayo Largo lovers with more than twenty visits or more. There are many isolated and deserted beaches in Cuba where naturism is possible but without being able to enjoy services and accommodation nearby. The purpose of our site is rather to talk about the naturist places that offer amenities and services. Here are (to date) the clothing optional beaches which are part of All-Inclusive resorts :

icon thumbs upAbout Cayo Largo ...

This is the most popular Cuban destination for naturism, the practice dates back to the early 80's. We visited Cayo Largo for the first time in March 1999 and we returned in December of the same year for the preparation of our first Cuba website, And since then our love affair with this little island continues from year to year. The naturist beaches of the hotel zone are clearly identified and they are also close to several kilometers of deserted beaches; ideal for those seeking a more private place for a first experience. There is a new hotel since November 2016 ... Villa Iguana! An adult-only hotel well appreciated by the naturists as there is no dedicated zone. The whole hotel's beach is for everyone!

icon thumbs upAbout Cayo Santa Maria ...

icon clothing optionalOn November 4th, 2001, Cayo Largo was hit hard by Hurricane Michelle (force 4). The hotel Villa Capricho (the "Mecca" of naturism in Cayo Largo) and its neighbor Hotel Villa Iguana were totally destroyed, and the other hotels suffered several damages. The destination was inaccessible for many weeks, so several naturists who were regular Cayo Largo visitors like us decided to try a new tourist pole of Cuba, Cayo Santa Maria. It was another deserted island with at the time only one hotel the Sol Cayo Santa Maria which had just opened. This forced migration was ultimately very beneficial because since 2002 until today the west side of the Sol Cayo Santa Maria beach always remained a clothing optional area. And more recently another small nudist area was created at the eastern end of the beach of hotel Melia Buenavista, but it appears to be little frequented.

The Clothing Optional section is still popular, despite the Hurricane Irma in September 2017. The beach is wide with several palapas and beach chairs.

icon thumbs downAbout Cayo Ensenachos (island near Cayo Santa Maria) ...

This is a one-island/one-hotel concept (very private location) with two long beaches, Playa Ensenachos and Playa Megano. Since the hotel’s opening in 2005, a clothing optional area had developed at the end of Playa Ensenachos (near the Grand Village section). The hotel (Royal Hideaway) was then run by the hotel chain Occidental. But since the change of administration (the hotel is now managed by Iberostar and called Iberostar Ensenachos), the status of naturism has become uncertain. The new management doesn’t seem to be as tolerant towards naturists. For some time we are receiving conflicting information from travelers, some say they had no problem to enjoy nudism, others say they have been approached by the hotel staff (even by the director himself) and been warned that nudism is not permitted. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your recent experience.

icon thumbs downAbout Cayo Guillermo ...

Several years ago naturists regrouped at the western end of the beautiful virgin beach of Cayo Guillermo called Playa Pilar. Unfortunately, this place is not naturist friendly anymore. The numerous excursionists arriving in big catamarans, Cuban families who come there to picnic, the building of a larger restaurant, the construction of two hotels, as well as adding a panoramic bus that brings to Playa Pilar many tourists from the hotels in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, have made this area much busier. Naturism was until recently still possible at the East end of Playa Pilar (still isolated), but the construction of a new hotel in this sector, the iberostar Playa Pilar now removes the isolated aspect of this beach.

It’s important to remember that naturism in Cuba is limited to the beach only. There is currently no naturist/nudist resort in Cuba. "Officially" public nudity is prohibited in Cuba, but it has been well tolerated for years on some beaches. The Naturist/Nudist movement being stronger in its neighbor country, the United States, maybe with the arrival of more and more American tourists, we may witness the opening of naturist resorts in Cuba, or new naturist beaches. After traveling to Cuba more than fifty times, in all provinces, we have long identified a small hotel, the Villa Coco in Cayo Coco, with a fairly private beach that we believe would be the ideal place to become the first little naturist resort in Cuba!

We are always on the lookout for new tourism developments in Cuba. For now Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria are still the only two true naturist friendly places, but it would be so pleasant to eventually being able to add other Cuban destinations.

icon Cuba USA FlagAbout the Cuban thaw

American fellow naturist, feel free to contact us about this topic. We will answer any question you might have. As there are not many options for naturism in Cuba, it is important that you should know where to go.


It’s always very important to keep in mind that naturism in Cuba is possible and continue to exist thanks to a policy of tolerance shown by the Cuban authorities, but also because of the friendly and respectful behavior of naturists. Hence the importance of acting responsibly to maintain a peaceful cohabitation between naturists and non-naturists (textiles). Nudism is ONLY tolerated on the beach, not at the pool, not on hotel grounds. Please respect this regulation to avoid losing this privilege.

Read the Naturism Etiquette in Cuba.

We hope that reading these pages will make you want to try it. So many people immediately fell in love with the “Au Natural” experience and are now returning to Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria to relive again and again this unique feeling of freedom. Check back with us regularly for the latest developments about naturism in Cuba

icon PassportNote that since the spring 2014, Cuban Immigration systematically stamps all passports when entering and leaving the country. And also: Since May 1, 2015, the Cuban Departure Tax is no longer paid at destination. It should now be included in the price of your trip when buying a flight-only or vacation package to Cuba.

icon Convertible PesoIn October 2013, the Cuban government announced its intention to eliminate the dual currency system, unique in the world. The Cuban peso (CUP) would become the official currency and the convertible peso (CUC) would be phased out. No official timetable has been announced, although Raul Castro is firmly committed to implementing this economic project as soon as possible. More information to come.

Lily & Normand

Last update: Winter 2018


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