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by Lily & Normand

Nude beaches in Cuba !

Welcome to our website dedicated to inform about naturism on the beautiful beaches of Cuba.

Lily & NormandThe purpose of this website is to inform you about the options (not many, at least for now!) that are available to you for an « Au Natural » experience on the beaches in Cuba. As we have many detailed websites about this beautiful Caribbean country, it was more convenient for us to focus into a single site all information about the Clothing Optional beaches in Cuba.

An interesting fact to note is that these destinations have the highest rate of repeating customers, mainly due to the presence of Clothing Optional beaches. Loyal customers are a great asset for hotel management! It is not uncommon to meet people in Cayo Largo with over twenty visits in this little paradise in Cuba.

Naturists know very well that it is hard to find places with an affordable budget, to enjoy a relaxing stay at the beach, without bathing suit, in a peaceful and respectful environment. Of course, there are the French West Indies, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Mexico, but you must increase your budget and there are not for everyone as some of them are lifestyle.

No tan lines iconOur first experience was in 1998, during a stopover in St. Martin during a two-week cruise aboard the Flamenco. We really liked to feeling of swimming and relaxing under the sun without any bathing suit. We then decided that from now on we will alternate between adventure trip and naturist vacation. We are not « fanatics » as we will not hesitate to explore new destination in the world, even if we have to endure this binding « piece of ragged ».

About Cayo Largo ...

We discovered Cayo Largo on March 1999 and we returned in December of the same for the preparation of our first Cuba website, This small island is located south of Cuba is well known by naturist since the early 80s. There has miles of pristine virgin beached in Cayo Largo, for those seeking a more private place for a first experience!

About Cayo Santa Maria ...

In November 2001, Cayo Largo was hit hard by Hurricane Michelle. The hotel Villa Capricho was totally destroyed and also the nearby hotel Villa Iguana. Cayo Largo's beaches have not fully recovered after this unfortunate event, at least the section where all the hotels are located « Playa Lindarena ». As November is a popular month in Cayo Largo, many naturists decided to go to a brand new destination in Cuba ... Cayo Santa Maria. This « migration» was beneficial for naturism, because since 2002 the west area of the hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria's beach has still its nude beach. There are other isolated beaches in Cuba, where naturism is possible, but not as well established as Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria.

About Cayo Ensenachos (neighbor of Cayo Santa Maria)

The status of nudism in Playa Ensenachos (near the Grand Village sector) is uncertain, because the hotel manager does not seem to appreciate naturists, probably due to customer complaints. We have conflicting information from travelers who had no problem to enjoy nudism during their stay and others who have been approached by the director himself. Do not hesitate to contact us about your experience. The nude beach area of Playa Ensenachos has always been there at this hotel, since the opening under the name of Occidental Royal Hideaway.

About Cayo Guillermo ...

Several years naturists regrouped in the west area of the beautiful beach in Cayo Guillermo, Playa Pilar. Unfortunately, this place really lends it. Catamaran excursionists and Cuban families who settled there made this place less interesting for naturists. There was also a nice place in the eastern sector, but the new hotel Iberostar Playa Pilar made this place less attractive to naturism. Perhaps a nude beach sector will see the day at the Iberostar Playa Pilar? If you have any information, you may contact us.

As I stated earlier, there are not many places in Cuba for naturism !

Clothing Optional iconIt is important to note that naturism in Cuba is limited to the beach only. Currently, there is no club, hotel or naturist resorts in Cuba. Nudism is « officially » illegal in Cuba, but tolerated for years on some beaches. In the future US customers in Cuba, may be we will witness the opening of naturist resorts in Cuba? We know Cuba very well, and the hotel would be best suited to become a future naturist resort would be the Villa Coco (Formerly Be Live Villa Coco) on the island of Cayo Coco.

We are always looking for new hotel developments. Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria are two places considered « Naturist friendly », it would be so nice to add other Cuban destinations. Who said you had to be dressed for swimming!


It is important to realize that naturism in Cuba is made possible and continue to exist thanks to a policy of tolerance by Cuban authorities, but also due to the respectful behavior of naturists. This is why it is of the highest importance to adopt a responsible attitude in the mutual respect of everyone. Naturism is only on the beach and NOT on the hotel grounds. Please respect these instructions to avoid losing this privilege.

Read this section about the etiquette of naturism in Cuba. What you should know.

Hoping that reading our site will make you want to try it. Many people immediately loved the experience and return to Cayo Largo and/or Cayo Santa Maria to relive that feeling of freedom.

Revisit-us to be informed of the latest development about naturism in Cuba.

Normand & Lily

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